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Sara's thoughts on serving as Juvenile Public Defender

“Our juvenile court system in Clarion County is focused on helping the children in our communities choose the right path in life. It really is a team effort dedicated to making sure the juveniles have the tools they need to lead productive, law-abiding lives as they approach adulthood. I consider it a privilege to serve the county as juvenile public defender, helping to guide our youth in the right direction.”

Advising Clarion County's Local Government

Sara's thoughts on litigating cases in courtrooms through Western Pennsylvania

“I have had the opportunity to represent my clients in courtrooms throughout Western Pennsylvania. I have come to respect and admire many of the judges I have worked with. Each judge and each courthouse has unique methods for moving cases through the system. My experiences in the various counties will allow me to refine the procedures of the Clarion County court system – implementing those practices that help with the efficiency of the legal process and avoiding those that cause added time and expense.”