An accomplished attorney prepared to serve as Clarion County's judge.

“The breadth and depth of my professional experience as an attorney uniquely positions me to fulfill the duties of Judge of the Court of Common Pleas of Clarion County. My reputation as a respectful and dedicated member of the community demonstrates that I have the demeanor to serve Clarion County as its judge. When taken in tandem, my experience and reputation provide assurance to Clarion County that its court system will be in good hands.  The residents of Clarion County can feel confident that their legal concerns will be handled by a judge that is fair, open-minded, thoughtful and thorough.”

A Proven Record

From Prosecutor to Private Practice

Seidle-Patton began her legal career as Assistant District Attorney for Clarion County. During her time as ADA, she prosecuted cases involving drug offenses, theft, domestic violence, and sexual offenses with minors as victims. She also oversaw the District Attorney's appellate work, writing briefs to the Pennsylvania Superior Court and working to uphold the challenged convictions obtained by her fellow prosecutors in the office. With a winning record at trial, her jury trial experience as an Assistant District Attorney provided a solid courtroom foundation for her eventual transition to private practice.

After over two years with the District Attorney’s office, Seidle-Patton moved full time into private practice establishing law offices in New Bethlehem and Clarion. In private practice, she has focused her career on real estate transactions and litigation, business law, municipal law, estate planning and estate administration.

Seidle-Patton has an accomplished record as an attorney. She has experienced trial victories in many courtrooms throughout Western Pennsylvania. She has also successfully argued cases on appeal before the Pennsylvania Superior Court on matters of oil and gas and real estate law. Sara's appellate cases have resulted in published precedential opinions that now stand as law in Pennsylvania. She is municipal solicitor for several of the County's municipalities, advising County, Township, Borough and School District officials on matters of importance to local government.  

In addition to representing her private clients, Seidle-Patton has served the Clarion County court system as court-appointed counsel in Children and Youth Services cases, she has been appointed by Judge James G. Arner to serve as chairperson of the Board of Viewers for property cases and Master in real estate and divorce proceedings. She currently serves as a Domestic Relations Hearing Officer for the County, rendering opinions in child support and spousal support cases. She serves as Post Conviction Relief Act attorney, reviewing criminal cases on behalf of defendants to determine whether any errors existed in their cases that would warrant a new trial. Seidle-Patton is also the County's Juvenile Public Defender, providing representation to the youth of the County that find themselves faced with criminal allegations.


Sara's thoughts on serving as Juvenile Public Defender

“Our juvenile court system in Clarion County is focused on helping the children in our communities choose the right path in life. It really is a team effort dedicated to making sure the juveniles have the tools they need to lead productive, law-abiding lives as they approach adulthood. I consider it a privilege to serve the county as juvenile public defender, helping to guide our youth in the right direction.”

Working for the Greater Good

Advising Clarion County's Local Government

Seidle Patton has developed an extensive municipal law practice, serving as solicitor for several communities throughout the county. She currently serves as Assistant County Solicitor for Clarion County, working with the County Commissioners on various legal matters including tax claim and real estate assessment issues. She has also served as solicitor for Ashland, Beaver, Brady, Farmington, Knox, Madison, Piney, Licking, Porter, and Limestone townships, New Bethlehem and Foxburg boroughs, Foxburg Area Water and Sewer Authority, Beaver Township Water and Sewer Authority, Knox Township Municipal Authority and Clarion Area School District.

“My interest in municipal law was sparked as a political science student at Mercyhurst when I studied local government. I gained even more insight into local government and municipal law during my time as a reporter for The Leader Vindicator. That interest stayed with me as a law student at Duquesne where I had the chance to work with distressed municipalities in the Pittsburgh area as part of Duquesne’s economic development law clinic. I made it a point to continue that work after law school and was able to do so by becoming solicitor for several of our communities here in Clarion County. It was my first opportunity to put my legal training to work to help the greater good rather than just individual clients. I see the opportunity to serve as Judge of Clarion County’s Common Pleas Court as a way to continue to benefit the greater good, just as serving as municipal solicitor has allowed me to do as an attorney.”

Sara's thoughts on litigating cases in courtrooms through Western Pennsylvania

“I have had the opportunity to represent my clients in courtrooms throughout Western Pennsylvania. I have come to respect and admire many of the judges I have worked with. Each judge and each courthouse has unique methods for moving cases through the system. My experiences in the various counties will allow me to refine the procedures of the Clarion County court system – implementing those practices that help with the efficiency of the legal process and avoiding those that cause added time and expense.”